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Knit & Knosh Oct. 26
Adult Ed Oct. 26
Intro to Mishna Oct. 27
Dinner Club Oct. 27
Cafe Sholom Oct. 30

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Oct. 9, 30

Oct. 10, 31

Doors open at 5 p.m.
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Sunday, Nov. 6
Monday, Nov. 14

Sunday, Oct. 2, 16, 23
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Spiritual Leadership

Rabbi Morris Kosman

Rabbi Morris Kosman was the spiritual leader of Beth Sholom Congregation from 1961 until January 2010, when he became rabbi emeritus.

Rabbi Kosman completed his training at the Rabbinical College of Telshe, an Orthodox institution transplanted from Lithuania to the United States. In addition, Rabbi Kosman is a graduate of the Baltimore Hebrew University and is a recipient of a Distinguished Scholar's Certificate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. These institutions cover a wide spectrum of Judaism. With that background, Rabbi Kosman was especially well-suited to guide the diverse Frederick Jewish community, whose members represent the spectrum of the Jewish experience.

Since their arrival in Frederick more than 45 years ago, Rabbi Kosman and his wife, Carol, served Beth Sholom as educators, along with their other duties.

Their seven children were raised here, and the entire Kosman family has enriched Beth Sholom by their joyous presence.

Contact Rabbi Kosman by phone at (301) 663-1497 or by e-mail at mkosman@aol.com


Meet Rabbi Kosman
Rabbi Kosman, along with his wife Carol, set the standard for Jewish cultural, religious and educational outreach. From Bar and Bat Mitzvah training to adult education to festive zimrot after Kiddush lunches to creative Torah readings, Rabbi Kosman provided 48 years of guidance to the Frederick Jewish community. He welcomes all who wish to explore, learn and embrace a Jewish experience.