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Passover Services

Our Passover 2023 (5783) schedule of services includes the following:

1st Day Services:                                                      THURSDAY, APRIL 6TH, 9:30 AM

2nd Day Services:                                                     FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH, 9:30 AM 

Kabbalat Shabbat Services:                                FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH, 7:00 PM

Shabbat Passover Services:                                SATURDAY, APRIL 8TH, 9:30 AM                    

7th Day Services:                                                     WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12TH, 9:30 AM

8th Day Services with Yizkor:                           THURSDAY, APRIL 13TH, 9:30 AM


Selling Your Chametz


Arrangements have been made with the Rabbinical Assembly for the sale of your chametz.

CLICK HERE to complete the online form.


     Passover Preparation

    The Rabbinical Assembly offers a comprehensive guide on getting ready for Pesach.         CLICK HERE to view or download.

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyyar 5784