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There are many opportunities to contribute financially to Beth Sholom, which has thrived for more than 100 years due to the generosity of our members and friends. Remember a loved one or honor a special person, simcha or milestone with a contribution to one of our many funds.  Please CLICK HERE to make a donation online.  Or, you may call the Beth Sholom office at 301-663-3437 to discuss how you can support these worthwhile projects and funds.

Tree of Life
You can recognize the accomplishments of loved ones and honor lifecycle events with the purchase of gold leaves mounted on the Tree of Life, located in the synagogue's lobby. Our original tree, designed and donated by a congregant, is full, but thanks to the generosity of another very talented member, a second tree has become a reality. 

Memorial Plaques
Beth Sholom Congregation affords those who have lost a loved one the opportunity to perpetuate the cherished memory of their dearly departed by donating a Yahrzeit Memorial plaque. There is no more fitting way to commemorate your departed loved ones than by inscribing their names on our Memorial Boards located in the Kosman Sanctuary. A memorial light is lit next to their plaque the week of their yahrzeit and on Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot, when it is customary to say Yizkor. To place an order online, Memorial Board Plaque Order

Beth Sholom maintains a variety of funds to which you can direct your contributions. These funds help finance important initiatives, events and resources that are the mainstay of Beth Sholom's mission. Each of your gifts, regardless of size, is received with heartfelt gratitude, as we recognize that your generosity is essential to sustaining Beth Sholom.

Beth Sholom Community Foundation Education - a portion of donations made to this fund are funneled to Beth Sholom for educational purposes. Please send checks directly to The Community Foundation of Frederick, earmarked for this fund. 
Building - to help with repairs, maintenance and rennovations as needed
Camp Scholarship - need-based scholarship given to children attending camps
Early Childhood Center - used for need-based scholarships and to pay for capital items not budgeted for
Education - used to pay for none budgeted items needed for the school
Marcia K. Newfeld Social Hall  
Marcia Newfeld Financial Assistance - a percentage is used each year to help offset the cost incurred in giving dues and tuition reductions
General - pays for a multitude of budgeted items
Interpreters - helps to offset the cost of sign language interpreters for a variety of events
Israel Programming - used to help educate the congregation enrich their knowledge of Israel
Legacy Endowment Fund
Library - funds are used to purchase books and other materials needed to keep our library current
Mikvah - money is invested in the eventuality that one day we will be able to build and maintain a Mikvah
Faye M. Cohen Music - used by the Cantor to purchase music and maintain instruments and other materials of instruction and concerts 
Prayer Book - for the purchase of new prayer books and Chumashim (Bibles)
Rabbi’s Discretionary - to help people in need or to fund other activities related to his/her work
Rose and Jules Shapiro G’Mach/Chesed - helps congregants and others facing financial or other kinds of needs
Torah - used to keep our Torahs in good repair
Tzedek/Social Action - for serving meals to the Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen and to fund other social action projects

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